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Talent Brut: Axel Lorentz

The shaper from Bidart who has become known for his talent all over the world. From the Basque surfer to the best in the world

Axel set up his Saioa Surfboards workshop in Bidart in 1997 alongside another "grumpy" Bidartar Michel Borel Aka PSM. Axel has been shaping David and Thomas' boards since they were young! At 12, David ordered his first boards!

“It’s super fun to do boards for David since he was 12 years old. I was looking for a young person to ride boards for in Bidart and Xabi Lafitte told me about him because he was the most motivated, always the last to come out of the water, nice and promising.

Images in action of David between Hawaii, Morocco and Bidart centers his Home spot.

But beyond these "performance" boards, it's this same feedback that helps to make performance boards of another kind while recovering inspirations on retro boards."

Today Axel Lorentz is the N1 shaper in the big Pukas Surf Company and he shapes for the best Worlds: Grant Baker (big wave world champion), Mick Fanning 3x world champion, kepa Acero surfer adventurer and many others.

We thank Axel for his passion and for all the boards he makes for us. He is and remains a great influence and pride for Bidart. Aupa Axel!!

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